Television Infra-Red

With the advent of infra-red television systems, hearing TV well has become commonplace, and affordable. Hearing aids deal very well with voices, but, because of their frequency range, they are not always helpful for TV listening. This is especially true if the hearing loss is significant. Some patients require infra-red T.V. systems in order to hear programming well. If the hearing aids do not allow the patient to hear a T.V. well, we recommend the T.V. system.

Television never sounded so good! With the TV EARS ® infrared wireless headset system you can capture movie-theater quality sound from your televison without annoying others who are nearby sleeping, reading or watching the same television program. The user has individual control of volume, tone and balance adjustments on the headset without affecting volume for other viewers. Sleek transmitter base doubles as a quick recharger for up to two headsets. Compatible with all televisions, stereos, computers and even video games.

tv wireless.jpg